About Us - our story

Our story

GrayFly Stationery LLC is a locally owned and operated business here in Lexington KY, USA. Physical items (stationery) and virtual items (banner ad space) are available.

Our stationery

GrayFly designs are original, colorful and contemporary. We are constantly creating new designs. Our designs are professionally printed at a printing company here in Lexington.

Our luxury note cards are different because they all come with lined envelopes.

  • Top quality note cards
  • Lined envelopes
  • Appropriate for both genders
  • Allows you to really stand out to your recipient

Our banner ad space

Ad space is available on selected high-quality sites owned by GrayFly Stationery LLC. This ad space is an ideal venue for anyone seeking publicity for their business, product, or website.

Artist bio

Vera Chellgren

Vera Chellgren has lived in Kentucky for over 10 years, in Louisville and Lexington. Vera started designing her own line of notecards, GrayFly Stationery, after she had a hard time finding notecards in the bold contemporary designs she loves so much.

Vera uses photography as her medium for creating her art; she has always had a passion for photography. Additionally, this technique allows for the interesting juxtaposition of different textures and displays the effect of light - both of which are hallmarks of her striking geometric art.

Vera is also passionate about making sure her creations are truly made in the USA. After creating and photographing her designs and putting them into notecard format, she has them professionally printed at a local Lexington KY printing company. For her, it was very important to work with a local printing company who uses their own printing machines.

Something which makes Vera’s notecards stand out is that they all come with lined envelopes.

“I wanted GrayFly Stationery to go even further beyond the artwork – I want it to be a luxurious experience, both for the writer of the card and for the recipient.”– Vera Chellgren